New Requirements for Sexual Harassment Training

The new law is simple: California employers (those with five or more employees) must provide harassment prevention training to all employees.   Prior to this new law, California employers had to train just their managers.   

SB 1343 Training Mandates

SB 1343 requires employers of five or more employees to provide sexual harassment training every two years:

  • By January 1, 2020 (meaning training must happen in 2019)
  • Within six months of new employees assuming their position (and once every two years thereafter)
  • For at least two hours for all supervisors
  • For at least one hour for all nonsupervisory employees

What's in a Name?

Ask Jose... After sending out resumes for months on end without a callback, Jose changed his name to Joe and sent his resume to the same employers.  Instantly, he started getting calls from these employers who suddenly were willing to consider his job application, and many wanted to interview him.  Do you wonder why?  

Watch this video.  

There are still many instances of unconscious bias in the world.  Signs of intolerance are present every day due to prejudices that have developed over the course of a lifetime.  Whether it is conformity bias, beauty bias, affinity bias, similarity bias, confirmation bias, or any other type of bias. It must be addressed head-on, talk about it, and educate everyone with the knowledge and understanding that everyone is different — and in many more ways than the color of their skin, their accent, religion, race, sexual preference or orientation or any other protected category.   The problem is most companies are not ready to talk deeply and engage in complex conversations around gender, race, or diversity. For unconscious bias training to be successful it must take a deep dive into cultural differences.  It is FINALLY time to start talking about the PURPLE ELEPHANT in the room. 

Stop Bullying

Question: Did you know that 50% of the U.S. workforce reports witnessing or having first-hand experience with bullying in the workplace?    

Fact: Bullies are work place stressors.  

Fact: Coworkers who do nothing as bystanders to help are additional stressors.    

Fact: Also, human resources and senior management who do nothing further exacerbate problems.   

Fact: In fact, workplace bullying is more prevalent than illegal harassment.  Workplace bullying training, on how to prevent bullying at work is essential for employee morale and preventing a hostile work environment, is extremely important for all employees. 

Fact: Bullying can happen in any company and to anyone.  Awareness is key and everyone is responsible to prevent it.  Prevention starts educating every employee about what behavior constitutes bullying and knowing how to speak up for themselves and others. 

It means creating a culture that will not tolerate bullying behavior from anyone.  Never too late to start. 

Go Back to your COUNTRY!

I will always cringe when I hear this statement. In fact it echoes in my mind every time I read the news these days. I grew up in an all Italian neighborhood in Chicago. Since I was “perceived” to be a foreigner because I had brown skin and was Indian, this statement was leveled at me numerous times. Every time, I was extremely hurt and angry. Sadly, these people were not only insensitive and ignorant , but also wrong sInce I was born and raised in Chicago.

Unfortunately, these types of situations also occur in the workplace, schools, universities, hospitals, and many other places. In my trainings, I tell this story to illustrate that these types of rude and offensive comments may create a hostile environment. The statistics are appalling.. The EEOC received nearly 10,000 national origin complaints in 2016. I expect this number to be considerably higher in 2017, under the shadow of our non inclusive and presumably mentally ill leader currently running this country.

I never let those or any other discriminatory comments jade my belief that America is a beautiful country and I make it my mission to educate people that we all need to make a conscious effort to create a positive and civil culture for ALL. We can’t go backwards!!

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