What’s in a Name?

Ask Jose. After sending out resumes for months on end without a callback, Jose changed his name to Joe and sent his resume to the same employers. Instantly, he started getting calls from these employers who suddenly were willing to consider his job application, and many wanted to interview him. Do you wonder why? Watch the video.

There are still many instances of unconscious bias in the world. Signs of intolerance are present every day due to prejudices that have developed over the course of a lifetime. Whether it is conformity bias, beauty bias, affinity bias, similarity bias, confirmation bias, or any other type of bias. It must be addressed head-on, talk about it, and educate everyone with the knowledge and understanding that everyone is different — and in many more ways than the color of their skin, their accent, religion, race, sexual preference or orientation or any other protected category.   

The problem is most companies are not ready to talk deeply and engage in complex conversations around gender, race, or diversity. For unconscious bias training to be successful we must examine cultural differences.  It is FINALLY time to start talking about the PURPLE ELEPHANT in the room.