4D Athletes: Uncovering Unconscious Biases

In this 4D Athletes episode, I joined  Jim and Jason to discuss the pain, power, and paradox of bias and how we can uncover them by wearing the right H.A.T.

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • What happened in my life that inspired me to build culture, uncovering biases, and trying to create an equal society?
  • What do you tell people that feel isolated in society?
  • What are the two paradoxes of biases and how can we choose compassion in those moments?
  • What are ways we can become more aware of our biases?
  • What are ways we can learn to understand our own biases we have and how can wearing the right H.A.T. help us delay initial judgements?
  • Most of us have probably heard about the golden rule, but what is the platinum rule and what are some ways we can apply it in our own lives?
  • hat are ways that teachers and parents can be proactive in protecting kids from bias?
  • And Much More…