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Sejal Thakkar is a Legal Training Ninja.

Sejal Thakkar was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and experienced discrimination at a very early age. Even though she is a native-born American who speaks unaccented English, she is also the daughter of immigrants from India. Once her classmates discovered that the store across the street from their school was owned by her immigrant parents who did have accents, her problems began. 

Sejal was bullied and ridiculed throughout adolescence. She was “the marginal other” in a country she’d been born in. These childhood experiences left a lasting impression, helping her transmute a negative experience into a positive call to action for change

Sejal went on to graduate with honors from the University of Illinois at Chicago and Cum Laude from Northern Illinois College of Law. After moving to Northern California’s San Francisco Bay Area in 2000, she gained extensive experience in employment law. Through TrainXtra, she blends her personal experiences and professional legal knowledge to educate others on the topics of civility, discrimination, bullying, and harassment.

Scott Mason, Principal

"Why am I recommending Sejal Thakkar — as a trainer, a facilitator, a speaker, or simply as a national authority on workplace civility and diversity & inclusion? I could simply rely on her deep level of subject matter expertise, which alone justifies her presence at any table. Or, I could cite her level-headed, open, and inviting demeanor which, combined with humor, makes her workshops and facilitations singularly informative and engaging. I could even harp on her reputation, since everyone who is anyone in the field seems to know and respect her. But instead, I will laser-focus on how all of these characteristics have combined with her lived experience — her fundamental humanity — to create a trainer whose knowledge, skill, and passion bring credibility and engagement to the fore every time she speaks. If it’s not obvious, I am a fan. Hire Sejal and you will be, too."

Scott Mason, Principal

Scott Mason LLC


Sejal boasts litigation experience in employment-related matters with an emphasis on wrongful termination, sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation cases.

She counsels management, human resources personnel, and employees on all facets of the employment relationship, including hiring, coaching, discipline, and separation. 

Sejal specializes in legal advice, specifically coaching on handling employee relations issues, proper documentation, and constructive action to promote positive employee performance and behaviors.

She skillfully reviews, writes, and/or updates human resources policies. She also conducts workplace investigations.


Effective training is a valuable tool in reducing workplace harassment, especially when incorporated into a holistic culture of non-harassment.

Training is most effective when tailored to a specific workforce and workplace and provided to all employees.

TrainXtra Workplace Civility Training focuses on promoting respect and civility while eliminating unwelcome or offensive behavior that is based on characteristics protected under anti-discrimination laws.

With her natural ability to engage, inspire, and connect to her audience, Sejal successfully educates on these topics and more for a variety of public and private sector clients around the world.


Growing up in a suburb of Chicago, Sejal fought hatred and discrimination on a regular basis. She refused to allow ignorance, insensitivity, and the bullying conduct of others to impact her inner “ninja.”

Armed with the knowledge she gained from these experiences, Sejal teaches that we cannot be complacent bystanders and expect our workplace cultures to change by themselves.

It’s up to all of us to join the fight to stop workplace harassment.

Sejal passionately transforms workplace and education settings into places of civility by empowering everyone to be a part of the solution. Her goal is to engage each employee to collaboratively create a positive workplace environment.

Why did I do my TEDx Talk?

Unconscious bias is about recognizing how assumptions can influence decisions and making a conscientious effort to overcome those assumptions.

The real danger of unconscious bias is that it divides people into an “us versus them” mentality.

Addressing specific areas around unconscious bias leads to a more diverse, unified, and connected workforce that operates at its full potential.

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