What People Say About Sejal

Allison West, Esq.

"Sejal is amazing! I have spent over 10 years searching for a trainer to partner with that gets what attendees need to learn and how to effectively deliver training content. One of the highlights of my career has been to work with and mentor Sejal. She is that rare breed of trainer who uses stories and vignettes that are relatable to what managers and non-managers actually go through in the workplace. Ways I can describe Sejal: high energy, intuitive, spontaneous, knowledgeable, inquisitive, sensitive and thoughtful. She injects humor in a professional manner and engages audiences so that they actually want to keep listening. They want to learn. She gets them to think. Sejal uses her employment law background to weave in teachable moments that will last a lifetime. My clients love Sejal and I look forward to partnering with Sejal for years to come."

Allison West, Esq.

Employment Practices Specialists

Scott Mason

"Why am I recommending Sejal Thakkar — as a trainer, a facilitator, a speaker, or simply as a national authority on workplace civility and diversity & inclusion? I could simply rely on her deep level of subject matter expertise, which alone justifies her presence at any table. Or, I could cite her level-headed, open, and inviting demeanor which, combined with humor, makes her workshops and facilitations singularly informative and engaging. I could even harp on her reputation, since everyone who is anyone in the field seems to know and respect her. But instead, I will laser-focus on how all of these characteristics have combined with her lived experience — her fundamental humanity — to create a trainer whose knowledge, skill, and passion bring credibility and engagement to the fore every time she speaks. If it’s not obvious, I am a fan. Hire Sejal and you will be too."

Scott Mason

Principal, Scott Mason LLC

Melissa Slattery

"Sejal facilitated a training on Civility in the Workplace and our entire company gave her rave reviews! Sejal took an incredible amount of valuable information and condensed it into two hours. The teams enjoyed the Zoom breakout rooms where they shared about their personal experiences on bias in the workplace and reported back to the whole group. She is very warm and welcoming in her demeanor and her personal and professional stories are very relatable.  I highly recommend Sejal and her trainings to any company that is looking to bring awareness about diversity, equity, and inclusion to their workforce!"

Melissa Slattery

Human Resource Manager at Brandvia

Jennifer Green

"I have been around the block in leadership development and management training as a Corporate captive. I was curious to see Sejal in action, which I was privileged to be able to do last week at the CPS HR training for public entity supervisors. The segment I attended was on sexual harassment in the workplace - just a small part of the 3 day training. I have also attended a recent ATD meeting where Sejal was one of the panelists on managing sexual harassment in the workplace. I remain impressed with her business acumen, her collegial style, and her fresh perspectives, but most of all by the stories she tells to make the content come alive to the participants. She is professional, engaging, actually "captivating" is a better word. She is our go to expert Training Consultant to the Green Lewis Group!"

Jennifer Green

Managing Principal Consultant - Green Global Services

Summer Watson

"I have known Sejal for several months now and have had the opportunity to connect with her both in-person and on LinkedIn. As I think about all that Sejal is as a professional and how she walks her path, it is difficult for me to even know where to begin. Right off, I would say that Sejal is one of the most authentic, resilient, and committed people I know. She is one of the best community connectors that I have ever met. She is an amazing speaker and she is passionate about upholding the rights of others. She is a fantastic speaker, trainer, and she has a wealth of knowledge and gained wisdom. Sejal is highly regarded by her community and would be a wise choice for anyone looking for an expert trainer, consultant or speaker!"

Summer Watson

Owner of KORE Women LLC, Coach, Author, Podcaster

James Healy

"Sejal’s workshop on ‘Civility’ is superb on a number of levels… It is challenging, thought-provoking, stuffed with useful information on the topic and presented with real energy, charm & gusto. What really stuck with me, though, were her personal stories of working as an Attorney and representing clients on cases that touch this area. That’s where her lived experience memorably illuminates the topic and was the root of my learning from the session. And I’ve spoken to others for whom different elements of this resonated in a similarly powerful way… in short, I would recommend this session across the board (and already have to my own clients) - no matter what area of business you’re in this is an important topic, as we all know, and Sejal has found a way of presenting it in a way that genuinely lands."

James Healy

Founder/Director at Boylett's Communications Ltd

Mara Lynch

"Sejal is an amazing speaker and teacher! Her civility at work training is captivating, moving, and informative. She uses real-life examples, events she has witnessed in her personal and professional life to connect her audience to the material. These stories stay with you and help guide our team to look inward and make a commitment to making our work environment the best it can be!"

Mara Lynch

People Specialist at Ideas United

Oleg Lougheed

"I had the privilege of working with Sejal as a co-facilitator, organizing an event, “Survive to Thrive: Your Past Does Not Determine Your Future.” What impressed me the most from collaborating with Sejal is her ability to deliver on the tasks she said she would (true go-getter mindset), and go above and beyond in helping us secure the much needed resources in order to make such experience possible. At the event, I was impressed by her knowledge of how to recognize unconscious bias, and her ability to ask others questions in helping them recognize the different biases they make throughout the day. I highly recommend Sejal to any organization looking to transform the lives of others!!!"

Oleg Lougheed

Executive Director of Overcoming Odds, Podcaster, Author

"Sejal recently spoke at the Amplify DEI Summit, where she shared inspiring insights about how to tackle unconscious bias in the workplace. She talked about gaining awareness of unconscious bias, recognizing how our assumptions can negatively influence our decisions—understanding how to manage unconscious bias in the workplace. Sejal is a very engaging legal/social justice speaker who empowers others to do better. If you are looking for these power skills in a speaker or expert, then Sejal Thakkar is a perfect addition to your company."

- Vivian Acquah, Inclusive Workplace Wellness Advocate, Keynote Speaker, Podcaster

"After numerous opportunities to support Sejal's DEI and compliance trainings, I continue to be amazed at how engaging and informative she makes each session. Sejal truly welcomes participants IN to the conversation, helping them learn when to call in others and how to grow together into more welcoming, respectful cultures."

- Belle Walker, Engineering Organizational Change Expert

"I first became acquainted with Sejal, as a client, in a legal case. She performed excellently, did adept legal research, preliminary mediation and precise writing to take my case to the next level. Since then she has expanded into the space of employment law consulting. Sejal is ardent, passionate, knowledgeable and dynamic in this practice. Not only does she ask the right questions, but It has been a great pleasure learning from her. With her impressive background in organizations such as CPS HR, UCSF and others, Sejal has a vast working experience resolving and navigating for her clients a variety of employment problems. I would hire her again, as I enjoy working with her greatly. She is at the cutting edge of the HR space."

-Victor Spano - President, Pacifica Chamber of Commerce.

"I could tell from the first few moments that Sejal had the students fully engaged. Sejal had complete command of the curriculum and her knowledge of the material was extensive. Many students relayed how much they enjoyed the class and that it was a great learning experience. I highly recommend Sejal as an instructor and facilitator."

- Robert Palos, Alaska/EEO State Manager and and Affirmative Training Manager - Dept of the Interior

"Sejal is an extraordinarily talented trainer, who received acclaim from diverse and, at times, demanding audiences. She is interactive, engaging, articulate, and creates an environment of trust and candor. Highly knowledgeable, she responded deftly to questions about all types of harassment and discrimination, and received superb reviews."

- Vicki Laden, JD.

"We've had Sejal Thakkar do a training for us, and I would happily recommend her. She is smart and insightful, and her trainings were engaging. She drew out some good questions and conversations from our group. Her legal background gives her strong credibility when discussing employment law, and her style of delivery is clear and straightforward. I wouldn't hesitate to hire her again."

- Jenny Garcia, Head of People Operations - Pilot AI

"Sejal provided an extremely informative and interactive DEI workshop to our company. She is a fantastic speaker that is well-versed on the topic of diversity in the workplace. Our company thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and our executive team was very happy with the outcome."

- Imani Mitchell, Triplebyte

"Sejal Thakkar has been a presenter at my San Francisco HR Star Conference which my company owns and produces. I highly recommend her. She had near perfect scores on both occasions and is a pleasure to work with on the organizational side. Her content is well researched, insightful, impacting and meaningful. I look forward to working with her for many years to come including this year in Los Angeles."

- Braden Albert, HR Star Conference

"Sejal is an experienced, knowledgeable, and dynamic speaker who can be counted on to arrive prepared and yet also adaptable. I highly recommend her as a speaker and workshop presenter for any size audience. It's been a joy working with her and I look forward to future engagements."

- Meghan Gardner, Cultural Matchmaker and Program Developer at Guard Up's Guardian Adventures

"Sejal is an outstanding partner, trainer and consultant. We worked with her on a company-wide, virtual training where she spoke to over 200 employees. As we prepared for the training, Sejal approached our conversations with an open mind, using her expert knowledge and creativity to find solutions to maximize the effectiveness of our training. She went above and beyond to make sure everything went smoothly. Absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a competent, authentic, thoughtful and knowledgeable partner. Five stars!"

- Caroline Davis, Vice President of Employee Engagement at EDENS

"Sejal was our featured speaker for the Northern Region Chapter meeting of the California Moving and Storage Association. Her discussion on the topic of "Unconscious Bias" was relevant and engaging. The attendees were very impressed with Sejal's knowledge, but they were very comfortable in sharing experiences, concerns or asking questions. You know that Sejal is very passionate about civility in the workplace, and honestly, although the subject can be intimidating, you just want to take it all in and hear her. I can't wait to attend one of Sejal's talks. Thank you for your work in bringing civility to the workplace and in promoting dignity, respect, and trust!"

- Griselda Gonzalez, Corporate, Government & Non-Profit Relocation and Storage Contract Manager - CG Moving Company, Inc.

"I've known Sejal for more than thirteen years since we worked together as Workers' Compensation defense attorneys at McDonald Law Corporation in Concord. Sejal has since tried jury trials to get a defense verdict in the Superior Court. Her real passion is helping employers avoid the headaches and exposure of employment law litigation. If the best defense is a good offense, then the best offense against an employment law claim is Sejal's practice as a Training Ninja at TrainXtra. I enthusiastically recommend her practice to all my friends and professional contacts."

- John C. Dunn ,Esq.

"Ms. Thakkar is an exceptional trainer and subject matter expert. I feel confident when we partner on a training project because I know she is able to make complex information, such as employment law, into a digestible, easy-to-follow narrative with practical application. Her highly engaging facilitation style is a pleasure to watch with time flying by before you know it."

- Arlene Smith, Director of Training & Development

"Sejal has facilitated several trainings for our organization. The most recent being several Unconscious Bias Training classes for which she received rave reviews from employees. Her legal chops add a compelling dimension to the training she provides. She has a rousing delivery and is quick on her feet, keeping attendees’ attention. Can’t wait to have her back!"

- Shauna Pompei, Manager- Office of Systems Integration and Organizational Development

"I have worked with Sejal on many training and development projects. She is amazing in her ability to deliver insightful and entertaining content. If your organization is struggling with personnel issues caused by uninformed leadership, your organization needs Sejal yesterday!! She is the professional you are looking for your people."

- Michael Grabow, Founder - The Essential Link Business Coaching and Training Network

"Sejal is an amazing facilitator. She is able to connect and engage with people from all industries and walks of life. Whether she is facilitating a training workshop or delivering a keynote address, she demonstrates by example how to create a respectful, healthy, and inclusive workplace. "

- Susan Schwartz, Leadership and Management Coach at The River Birch Group

"Sejal came to our wineries and did Civility in the Workplace Training for our team. This was the first time we had done any training on DEI. The training was received very well by our employees. The content was very informative and Sejal's presentation style was very engaging. The breakout sessions were very popular at sharing the learnings and speaking about personal experiences."

- Veronica Jauregui, VP of HR at Silver Oak Cellars & Twomey Cellars

"I work for a conservation nonprofit and had selected Sejal Thakkar as our trainer/facilitator for our All Hands Gathering. She had come recommended. We focused getting everyone on the same page related to definitions and Unconscious Bias. Sejal was phenomenal! She has the perfect tone on these very important areas and knew exactly when, and how much, to ask of our team making everyone feel comfortable. She also shared her own personal experiences with everyone so that it made it very personal and relatable. She kept the sessions extremely interactive and interesting. Sejal provided many tools and tricks to help ensure we can all do the work. I also feel that this is just the start of a life-long journey and hope Sejal will continue to help our team along the path. I cannot recommend Sejal enough!!!"

- Beth Smith, VP of HR at National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

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