Don’t create a culture of diversity and inclusion because you want to protect yourself legally. Do it because it is the right and just thing to do. Why we lead directly translates into how we lead. Why we make decisions creates a standard on how we make decisions. If the only reason we prioritize gender or racial equality in the workplace is so we do not get sued, then we will probably be very good at writing policies and bringing in rubber stamp training programs that everyone despises. But, if we truly believe that every human being is as valuable as any other human being, regardless of their gender or race, then we will create a culture of D & I.

When we act with these intentions, this “Why”, it becomes very clear in all of our actions that we embrace diversity and inclusion, and we reject discrimination and racism. It is in these cultures where leaders create high performing teams and organizational excellence. For a deeper dive, check out this week’s Leadership Excellence podcast episode with Danny Langloss.