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Ignite your next event with an extraordinary civility speaker who delivers impact, inspiration, and transformation. Sejal Thakkar, our Chief Civility Officer (and recovering employment law attorney), brings an unparalleled level of energy, authenticity, and relatability to the stage. With an unwavering passion for empowering others, she effortlessly connects with diverse audiences through her magnetic presence, engaging storytelling, and unique ability to tailor her message to resonate with your attendees.

By seamlessly blending personal experiences, legal expertise, and real-world examples, Sejal challenges conventional thinking, ignites conversations, and catalyzes positive change. She stands ready to captivate your audience, leaving a lasting imprint on their hearts and minds.

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Sejal Thakkar - Civility Speaker

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"Sejal is an amazing speaker and teacher! Her civility at work training is captivating, moving, and informative. She uses real-life examples, events she has witnessed in her personal and professional life to connect her audience to the material."
Mara Lynch
People Specialist at Ideas United
"Ways I can describe Sejal: high energy, intuitive, spontaneous, knowledgeable, inquisitive, sensitive and thoughtful. She injects humor in a professional manner and engages audiences so that they actually want to keep listening. They want to learn."
Allison West
Attorney, Investigator, Speaker, Trainer and Expert at Employment Practices Specialists
"I would enthusiastically recommend Sejal to anyone looking for authoritative and professional corporate training, particularly around compliance and civility where her expertise really shines. Sejal’s presentations are polished, genuine, and engaging."
Nick Gicinto
Security Intelligence Leader

Civility Speech Topics

Prepare to be captivated as civility speaker Sejal weaves together personal anecdotes, legal expertise, and real-world examples, creating a powerful narrative that invites introspection and drives change. Witness the magic of her speaking prowess as she effortlessly connects with individuals, leaving them inspired, informed, and equipped to take action.

From Incivility To Inclusion: Uncovering The Root Causes

It’s difficult to speak about workplace civility without addressing the rising prevalence of workplace incivility. Learn actionable strategies to counteract it.

From addressing insensitive comments to combating discrimination and harassment, Sejal guides you along the spectrum of incivility while unraveling the root causes, empowering organizations to cultivate a culture of respect and inclusivity.

Chief Civility Officer Sejal Thakkar' Civility Speech at a live event - From Incivility To Inclusion

Cultivating and Fostering a Workplace of Civility

Civility is an essential aspect of every work environment to create and maintain a fair and professional workplace culture. Sejal speaks on the norms of acceptable workplace conduct and how to identify, prevent, and respond professionally to situations of workplace incivility.

Discover how to utilize storytelling, facilitated discussion, and scenarios to help employees and managers build skills to proactively identify their own unconscious biases and mitigate subtle acts of exclusion to foster a more civil, unified, and connected workforce.

Why Hire a Civility Speaker?

Diversity and globalization bring people from different cultures into contact with one another, which can cause friction if people react negatively. By speaking on civility in the workplace, Sejal aims to help her audiences:

Why Choose Sejal as your Civility Speaker?

  • No two organizations are alike. Sejal offers a personalized touch, crafting talks that resonate with your industry’s nuances, guaranteeing practical takeaways and sustained positive change.
  • Sejal doesn’t just speak, she inspires. Her riveting personal narratives, drawn from a diverse background, ignites emotions and prompt action, leaving a profound impact on each attendee.
  • Her experience spans international borders, allowing Sejal to infuse a global viewpoint into local challenges, providing your audience with insights that resonate across cultures.

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