The Imperative of Addressing Workplace Incivility

The fabric of a thriving workplace is woven with the threads of civility. Despite its importance, U.S. workers are facing increasing challenges with incivility at work. A SHRM study reveals that nearly two-thirds of U.S. workers have experienced or witnessed incivility in their workplace within the past month. Yet, there is hope and a way forward.

In a pertinent episode of Honest HR, host Wendy Fong with SHRM sits down with Sejal Thakkar, Chief Civility Officer at TrainXtra, to discuss actionable strategies for infusing civility into workplace culture.

Discover the key components of effective civility training, and understand why businesses cannot afford to overlook it. Tune in to see how you can contribute to creating a more respectful and empathetic work environment.

Listen to the Honest HR episode now: