One World in a New World

In this episode of “One World in a New World,” hosted by Zen Benefiel, Sejal shares her experiences from childhood, where she faced bullying and discrimination, and how these challenges influenced her decision to become a lawyer. She discusses her transition from practicing law to focusing on changing workplace culture, emphasizing the importance of educating management and employees on handling conflicts and promoting civility.

Sejal’s journey involves a deep commitment to creating safe, positive, and respectful work environments. This episode covers the “civility revolution” Sejal has observed throughout her career, marked by a shift in values towards civility and dignity, proactive efforts in diversity and inclusion, and a growing intolerance for uncivil behavior. Sejal highlights the importance of embedding core values such as empathy and love into organizational cultures and the necessity of adapting to diverse and multigenerational workforces in today’s global environment.

Zen and Sejal also discuss the broader impacts of such initiatives on society, hinting at an “upwising” or collective awakening that could lead to significant societal changes. The conversation is deep and insightful, exploring the intersections of personal growth, legal expertise, and a vision for a more inclusive and empathetic world​​​​.