Time to Shine Today

Contagious. Energetic. Fun. Passionate. Raw. Authentic. Just a few words to describe my experience with Scott. I had the pleasure of being a guest on my good friend, L. Scott Ferguson’s podcast, Time to Shine Today. He welcomed me with open arms and he is definitely the person you want to go to Level Up your life. 

Knowledge Nuggets and Take-Aways

1. Get back to basics when it comes to communication.

2. Provide psychological safety within your company where everyone feels included.

3. Share factual information with your teams to expand their awareness.

4. Be vulnerable and share the lessons you are learning with your team.

5. Be flexible, there is always room to grow.

6. Little things matter. Time to get to know yourself and also check in on other people, help those who may be struggling.

You will definitely not be bored listening to this podcast- check it out!