Unlocking Wellness: A Conscious Evolution

Join Sejal Thakkar, a leading force in DEI work, as she sheds light on the significance of understanding our unconscious biases and beliefs. In this captivating podcast episode, Sejal explores the transformative power of evolving our consciousness by acknowledging and transcending judgment towards others. Delving into pressing topics such as discrimination, the Black Lives Matter movement, and Cancel Culture, Sejal and Alicia engage in a candid dialogue.

Discover how personal well-being intertwines with the shared responsibility of healing and how speaking your truth becomes a catalyst for positive change in the workplace. Prepare to be inspired as Sejal shares invaluable insights, offering a pathway towards personal growth and creating a more inclusive and harmonious world.

Tune in:   https://www.alishaleytem.com/podcasts/unlock-your-well-being-with-alisha-leytem/episodes/2147832122