Are you a Student of Intention?

I am a Student of Intention.

“In 4th grade, the bullying started.

And it didn’t stop until after high school.

She didn’t seek revenge. Instead, she sought to understand.

Going to law school, specializing in employment law, and becoming a defense attorney, she represented people and organizations accused of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation.

She found her Self on the other side of the bullying.

Forced to confront her own beliefs and bias, she started to understand:

Bias is normal. We all have it. It’s how our brain works.

Left unchecked, it leads to judgment, disconnection, favoritism, and poor decisions.Confronted head-on, it leads to empathy, inclusivity, and civility.

Armed with awareness, education, and passion for the work, she started her own business in 2017.

She’s since trained thousands, shared her story as a TedX speaker, and leads a venture studio as the Chief Culture Officer.

Bias blinds us from the beauty in our differences.

She helps us see it.

She is Sejal Thakkar and she is a Student of Intention.”