Let’s Sound off on Unconscious Beliefs in the Workplace coming events

I joined Julie Turney on her popular podcast, HR Sounds Off Show.  We talked about: 🌟 The inspiration behind her first TED Talk 🌟 Defining unconscious beliefs 🌟 Microaggressions and affirmations 🌟 The Power of making intentional connections on LinkedIn 🌟 Biases in recruitment 🌟 The H.A.T theory

Are you a Student of Intention?

I am a Student of Intention. “In 4th grade, the bullying started. And it didn’t stop until after high school. She didn’t seek revenge. Instead, she sought to understand. Going to law school, specializing in employment law, and becoming a defense attorney, she represented people and organizations accused of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. She found …

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Eliminate Your Bias to Foster Civility

When everything seems out of our control, we can let go of unconscious beliefs that may be holding us back from reaching our full potential and negatively impacting our relationships. Listen to my chat with LaChelle Adkins, America’s Supermom and coach who is passionate about sharing her experiences to help empower women through coaching to …

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