Defining DEI and Moving From Bias to Belonging

Ignorance is the enemy of progress.🎯 Crafting a culture that thrives on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging isn’t a mere aspiration—it’s a deliberate journey towards a workplace that champions authenticity and innovation.🚀 Matthew Cahill and I provided a roadmap to building a culture with a solid foundation in DEIB. In our session, we covered: 1️⃣ …

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TEDx Talk: “The Pain, Power, and Paradox of Bias”

In her impactful TEDx talk, Sejal Thakkar introduces a powerful strategy to mitigate unconscious bias. Through the acronym H.A.T (Hold Off, Ask Why, and Take Action), she empowers audiences to unlock their potential by challenging ingrained biases. Sejal guides listeners to hold off on snap judgments, ask why biases exist within themselves, and take action …

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How to Navigate Cultural Differences

In a time when global workforces are becoming more and more the norm — and when companies are becoming more attuned to the benefits of a culturally diverse staff — establishing best practices for creating supportive, inclusive environments has become increasingly important.  Laying the foundation for cross-cultural understanding can be immensely useful for a diverse …

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Onward, freedom to create a new ending!

I joined Meg Nocero on her show, Manifesting with Meg,  for a conversation about how I refused to allow ignorance, insensitivity, and the bullying conduct of others to impact my inner “ninja”. Incivility will not stop on its own – it’s up to all of us to be part of the fight to stop workplace …

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Civility in the Modern Work Environment

Create Cultures Where Human Beings Can Be HUMAN. How do you maximize the potential of each person in your company so they can be successful? 📣 📣 📣 Ivan Temelkov invited me to The RAS Project show to discuss this important topic. We had a 100 percent real, raw and unfiltered conversation – my favorite …

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Why Dismantling Unconscious Bias Increases Your Culture of Creativity

Unchecked biases can not only harm any attempts for a creative culture but can adversely affect your employees’ well-being and ability to create and innovate. I joined Genein Letford on the Create and Grow Rich podcast to discuss these hidden beliefs and build a culture of civility where all employees are valued and respected.

Clearly Off Topic

We tackle the word BIAS in this Clearly Off Topic Show. Clearly Off Topic Podcast delivers a weekly dose of gratitude, growth moments, and non-judgmental wit. LA-based best friends Lindsay Nicole and Juliet Lemar candidly share their missteps, wins, and adventures while attempting to become better humans. All while reminding us that no one really …

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Human Resources: Balancing Urgency & Equity during COVID-19

For organizations that center values of equity and justice, managing the people-oriented aspects of the business during a crisis like COVID-19 presents both challenges and opportunities.  We had a candid conversation with  human resource professionals who lead with their values and are making the best decisions they can make for their employees and their organizations.

Impactful Legacy Podcast

I refuse to allow ignorance, insensitivity, and the bullying conduct of others impact her inner “ninja”. We cannot be complacent bystanders and expect our workplace cultures to change by themselves. Check out my latest podcast and listen to my practical guidance on why a holistic approach centered around respect is critical to creating a culture …

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Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace: A Toolkit for Employers

As a passionate advocate for civility, we need everyone to be a part of the solution. Here is an excellent toolkit by the Human Rights Campaign to help your company get started on your commitment to transgender inclusion. As a trainer and lawyer, I can start or end the conversation.  But I can’t do it …

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